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Wolf in the Fold

Posted on Wed Sep 25th, 2019 @ 12:15am by Ensign Stephenie Faire

Na'Vel took a moment to look over the profile with her picture staring back, an image to any here would see as Terran easy enough. The problem was her name, given the options the one that modified her records didn't give her many options. She knew it wouldn't take long before the data would corrupt and wipe itself. Not that any of those countermeasures did more than delay an inquiry.

She did have enough time to get a sense of the crew's mood, an ancestral "gift" gave her at least that empathic impression. The hard thing to hide was her notion for pleasure seeking, as any Argelian was famous for. She would have to work on keeping it down, if nothing else then for appearance sake.

What the future held who knew, but making herself stand out wasn't going to win her any favors either way. Mostly the reason she figured she was given some lenience is that few Terrans could do the job of an empathic Argelian Councelor. Well and the law of slow painful torture was a keen interest from her homeworld's past that Terran's found useful...


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