Computer Computer On the Wall...

Posted on Tue Dec 3rd, 2019 @ 12:19am by Ensign Stephenie Faire

Stephenie slipped into the dark room without a sound, slipping off her shoes and tugging her short top down pointlessly as if it were even possible to be drawn down even half way to her navel. "Computer..lights..."

The rather temporary barren quarters softly lit up and Stephenie found herself rather drawn to the beautiful figure standing before her. The figure's smile brightened and eyes shown as the stars trailing by out the viewport beside her. The golden strands of perfectly draped hair gently reached past the soft shoulders as the form curved ever downward.

"Hello beautiful" Stephenie's voice rang as the figure only smiled wider, with a twinge of mischief to the corners of her lips. The figure seemed to dance in synchronized motion, first turning this way and that, adjusting herself but always locked her unwavering eyes to Stephenie in return.

"Computer.. Am I beautiful?" A moment paused with a rather flat unwavering pitch rang as the computer couldn't understand the request. "I said am I beautiful enough? Do my eyes shine? Is my hair not symmetrically perfect? Is my skin not smooth and soft to a touch? Are my lips not inviting..." The computer started to list references to theory and cultural standards of beauty from various sources but was cut off as Stephenie snapped angrily in reply "That is NOT what I asked!"

The figure before her started to morph. Instead of a controlled pleasant vision, Stephenie could see those perfect lips start to quiver. The starlight from the eyes now reflected in a slow cascade of tears marking their way through her eyeliner, turning sickly black down the former rosy cheeks.

"That's not" Stephenie's voice caught in her own throat "That's not what I asked..." as she tried to control herself. She stood terrified at what she now saw in front of her. I...I.. I just..." This time the computer interrupted her stating an issue with her repeated inquiry. The lights flickered and with a last statement the computer acknowledged a scheduled maintenance power fluctuation before the lights dimmed. Stephenie could only hear the screams and cries of anguish from the figure before it vanished, and she was left alone... so alone... in the darkness.