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Time for a Time Check

Posted on Thu Jan 23rd, 2020 @ 2:13am by Commander Jordyn Hopkins & Commodore Nathan Russ & Lieutenant Tomoe Nobunaga & Ensign Aurora Rhyan

Mission: New Frontier
Location: TBD by Hopkins
Timeline: TBD

OCC Area:

Sam: This is the start of a JP for Commander Hopkins to run her part of this mission. I will help to fill in antagonist npcs and other things as needed. Feel free to launch from here and we can do more than one JP for this. :)

Jordyn was starting to get unpacked, in her new office. She was a little annoyed, the CO's personal guard, had yet to be assigned to her. She needed to get a hold of Tobias, and give him an earful. Jordyn made it to the bridge, not sure what to think of having that alien filth on her bridge. She not a fan of anyone having to sleep their way up the chain of command, in order to advance their career.

"You have sworn an oath to Commodore Russ, now I expect you to swear an oath to me, when you serve in my command." Jordyn said, as she looked to Tomoe and Aurora.

Hearing the words “I expect you to swear an oath to me, when you serve in my command” Tomoe said “Yes Ma’am and swore allegiance to Jordyn and the Emperor” in her deep female voice, as she waited for Jordyn to appoint her to a position on the bridge.

Standing in front of Jordyn along with Aurora, Tomoe had been busily noting the hustle and bustle of the crew as they began to get the ship ready for deployment. Though Tomoe who seemed interested in what Jordyn was saying, she was busy dividing her mind giving Jordyn much room to speak; while the other part of her mind was beginning to know who was where and what each crew members was subconsciously capable of doing

The crew who had been selected to man the ISS Yahagi, were not the best of the Captain's many hundreds of crewmen. Many had records, or spent their time in the Brig, after the Agonizer; and would not think twice about slitting the throat of any weak crewmember, or a Senior Chief Petty Officer. Now if one wanted to be a Lieutenant, they would face a battle-hardened officer who either worked their way up the ladder, or killed by assassinating an officer for that position.

But within this mass of criminals and felonious crewmembers who were what the Empire called the faceless masses or the 'dreggs', she could always make sure that she had her own group of spies, and bodyguards, the ones who would make sure that no one would try to assassinate her. To buy their allegiance she gave each person a Latinum bar. A bar or several bars could buy them power, and prestiege, or even a planet. And with easy to her fathers stash of Latinum bars, it was easy for her to recruit the personnel she needed.

Aurora stood to attention in front of Jordyn, she didn’t like doing it but she had to swear her allegiance. “I swear my loyalty to you Commander. Long live the empire!”

"You will act as my first officer for this mission. Miss Rhyan, according to your file you are an exceptional scientist, is that so?" Sarcastically asked Jordyn. She might be exceptional, but she was still no Terran and she needed to sleep her way up the ladder, to even be recognized.

Everyone in the room quite expected Tomoe to act like many unhappy officers, stand there foaming at the mouth or cry as some junior female officers were sometimes prone to do, but Tomoe was not having any of this BS, and though she was better than Aurora in many ways, she was glad she wasn’t the first officer. So Tomoe just stood there at attention waiting for Commander Hopkins to finish her speech…

Aurora hadn’t been expecting to hear the words First Officer, she’d expected to be at the bottom of Jordan’s list of people for that job. “I won’t let you down, Commander.”

Tomoe continued to stand there, as she began to listen to the Commander make Aurora 1st officer of the ISS Yahagi. But as Tomoe stood there, her brain had something in its mind; "Wouldn't the commander need her own personal bodyguard", one who was as cold and calculating as her, iron-fisted and without any remorse as to killing anyone who displeased the Commander?.

Because if the Commander needed a personal bodyguard, Tomoe was by far the most qualified officer on board. Even though many had killed in their career someone, it was mostly done by an assassin, or if the conditions were right; they alone did the deed.

But Tomoe was different, a cold calculating pugilist, who loved pummeling anyone who got in her way, and killing them if she could not break them, killing to her was the most appealing, and she relished the old antiquated ways of the Roman Empire

Now as the commander's bodyguard, she would accompany the commander as she entered any off-limits area that were generally off-limits to anyone that did not have the proper credentials. And there was one person she would need, and that was the Stations Master at Arms, who had the necessary security clearances to enter every part of the station.

Once the ship got underway, she would go through both the ISS Yamato and Yahagi crewmans personnal file to find that one person she would need.

So Tomoe just stood there at waiting for the Commander to pick a qualified bodyguard.

Jordyn knew her response shocked everyone. There were more things to get done. Next on the list was a personal body guard. Then she looked over some random guy, and chose him. After choosing a body guard, she then looked over to Tomoe.

"XO prepare us for departure, Miss Nobunga and I, need to have a word in private," Jordyn said, as she motioned for Tomoe to follow her.

Following the Commander to another part of the ship away from prying ears, Tomoe faced Command Hopkins. Normally for anyone other than Tomoe they would have snapped back and complained loudly, but Tomoe knew better, the last one to snap at a Senior officer was found days later with their throat slit open, and right now Tomoe did not have any reason to disobey, a bit disappointed, but ready for anything that the Commander wanted done.

"I want you to know, you will be the Yahagi's first officer, after this mission. Miss Rhyan needs to be taught a lesson. A real woman does not sleep her way up the latter, and expect everyone to fall in line and follow. You will be our mission adviser and her personal instructor. You will critique her and come down hard on her." Jordyn told Tomoe, knowing deep in the heart that Tomoe might feel relieved to know the real reason. Jordyn was going to allow Aurora to fail, so she could get that dreaded wench to shut up and follow orders, and try to become a better Terran officer.

Unfazed by the Commanders Order, Tomoe asked a question..."Commander, if I train her, will it count against me if she dies during her training, or she is severely wounded that she has to leave her position as the first officer? If not, then I have other ways of making sure she follows orders... smirked Tomoe as she stood there.

Maybe better not to kill Aurora, thought Tomoe; but when the time came, maybe she could arrange it so that Aurora takes the fall, or left holding the bag as told in an old Terran expression.

"You will not be held accountable, most alien filth fail the command tests, there is a reason you are the second officer, and she is still an ensign. The little alien needs to be put in her place." Jordyn told her. She was not expecting Aurora to do well at all.

It had been a long time since Tomoe had anything to smile about, but a sudden slip of her facial muscles revealed a very short grin.

Before I begin commander, by taking the additional duties of having to retrain an officer who should have known better, can I make her life a living hell, or do I have the power to allow her to fail miserably....or die in the process?

"If she dies, she will never learn from her mistakes. She has an attitude and I want demolish it. Killing her would be the merciful thing to do. But I want her to suffer first." Jordyn pointed out to Tomoe.

Hmmm replied Tomoe, wondering how she was going to teach that young Alien snippet a thing or two, but then she remembered a comment by the Commander..."Most Aliens fail the Command test", so now Tomoe had the perfect way for her to fail. Being the 1st Officer Aurora had to be as competent or even better if the Commander was incapacitated and could not execute any orders.

Now beginning to smile, and almost laughing at the prospect, Tomoe said... "DONE"!

Meanwhile Aurora was busy with her XO duties, to say she was nervous was an understatement but she had to do it and she knew she had a lot to prove to Jordyn. She took a deep breath and looked at those awaiting orders. "You heard the Commander! I want this ship ready to go and I mean NOW!! All stations report!" She stood with arms folded as the bridge crew reported in.

Time: 8 hrs out in deep space
Location: Bridge

Tomoe was standing at the back of the bridge away from where Aurora was seated in the Captain's chair, issuing out orders to show the crew who was in command. Due to Commander Hopkins having left the bridge for a few minutes, Aurora was now temporarily in charge till the Commander returned. Watching the crew and the other officers at work on the bridge, Tomoe decided to see how well this snippet of an officer could handle something quite unexpected.

Reaching over to an engineering junction box, Tomoe took out a small box, then inserted it into the power junction coupling box, punched in an override code, hit engage and watched to see the action from the rear of the bridge.

Seconds later, the entire ship began to experience a massive power surge that fried some peripheral equipment. Suddenly the bridge lights suddenly exploded into a very bright light, which temporarily blinded most everyone inside the bridge, and in seconds the bright lights began to dim, and soon the bridge was now bathed in red lights from the battle lanterns.

Suddenly the voice of a panicky Chief Engineer came over the Comm...".BRIDGE", engineering,

"We have a major problem in the Dilithium cooling holding tanks chamber", suddenly the air was now filled with senior officers all reporting major issues in their departments, and the one that no one wanted to hear came from the Weapons Officer, the ship's phasers were now offline along with the Photon Torpedoes. Without any defensive or offensive armament, the ship was literally dead in the water

Everyone watched Aurora for further orders; whatever she did next had to be right, and on the money or no one was going to be traveling to the Temporal Research Station.

"Great! The first day on the job and it all goes to hell in a handbasket!" Aurora stood up from her seat. "Ops...I want all power from non-essential systems re-routed to the main ones! Get us some weapons and shield power." Engineering...find out what in the hell is going on and fix it!!" She took a deep breath before hitting the ship-wide comms. "Bridge to all hands, all non-essential personnel report to designated shelter areas, life support will be temporarily re-routed while we sort our current predicament!"

Aurora turned to see Tomoe loitering at the rear of the bridge. "Lieutenant instead of loitering there, get yourself down to engineering and lend a hand!! What you don't know I'm sure you can learn." ... Tomoe's half heard reply was.."Sure, and I'm going to enjoy watching you fuck up as the new XO, thought Tomoe.

The comms chimed again as the engineer came back on, "Bridge, it appears we were sent out with fracturing Dilithium Crystals. We will have a replacement that was transferred from the Yamato but it hasn't been unpacked yet. We will need time to track it down and get it here. In the meantime, we can go to warp two, and we will be redlining the old Deuterium reactors to keep going."

Tomoe who was completely surprised by this sudden turn of events was now satisfied by this golden opportunity. It would allow Commander Hopkins to evaluate her actions, and see if Aurora had her shit together. As for the box, that Tomoe used, it was only programmed to cause a minor power surge, then reset in a few seconds with none the wiser.

But now she and the crew had a real emergency to work on. Still ordered to go to Engineering, Tomoe darted out from the Bridge, bypassing the turbo lifts preferring to use the Jeffrey tubes. Sliding down the Jeffrey's tube, which she hadn't done since her Academy days, was meant to get down to another deck, and knowing from experience that Turbolifts were useless or would fail if the power was interrupted; was already on the Engineering deck, watching as two frozen Alien crewmembers from the Liquid Dilithium Holding tank control room.

The leak from the holding tanks had formed a fog, which turned both Aliens into two quick frozen popsicles almost immediately. Dragged out by their booted heels by Damage Control personnel in environmental suits, to a waiting cart, where their frozen bodies would go to Dr. Ali Hur, the ship's new CMO.

"Good Riddance," thought Tomoe who wondered what it was like to be quick-frozen in micro-seconds.

Contacting the Chief Engineer who was a Lt JG, and on his first ship, Tomoe said "Engineer Report on our current status"! Knowing who she was, the Chief Engineer said..

"Lt" te electrical power surge allowed the emergency bypass valve on the main holding tank to stay in the closed position, thereby failing to continuously cool down the Dilithium crystals. With the small hairline fracture already in the Dilithium crystals, the lack of a cooling bath only caused the crystals to fracture even further, which necessitated the need to reduce the power down to Warp 2, along with basic life support and Battery power.

With reduced power, the shields would now be at less than 60%, and only one Phaser bank would be available for a few minutes if needed. we still have the mines, but the Torpedoes do not need to be programmed or launched by the ship. The launch can be done manually, and so long as we have a clear view of the enemy the torps can launch. With its internal guidance system, we can kill anything in its way. Reporting her findings to the Bridge, Tomoe waited for further orders from Aurora or the Commander.

Aurora sighed, this was one hell of a first day as XO. She was starting to wonder why Jordan hadn’t appeared on the bridge to take over. “Commander Hopkins please report to the bridge.”

While Aurora was wondering why the Commander had not yet answered the comm; Tomoe was already in the Torpedo room, and talking to the NCOIC in charge..."Master Chief you say that if needed we can manually launch torpedoes without computer verification?

"YES" Ma'am you give me an approximate range, and the Torps will take it from there. And if I have to do it myself, I'll make these puppies dance the jig for you, replied the older Chief.

Thanks, Chief that's all I wanted to hear replied Tomoe to the NCOIC in charge of the Torpedo room, and mines. with her short inspection of both engineering, phaser/torpedoes and mine sections, Tomoe sprinted across the ship to the turbo lifts and entered one, where it opened to the bridge, which was unusually quiet, just as the Commander was now giving Aurora a tongue front of everyone.

"I leave for a few hours, and you break my ship, XO?" Jordyn said, with an angered voice. She did not ask for an update. She immediately accused Aurora. Then winked over at Tomoe. She had been monitoring bridge stations, from her private office.

"Number one, your performance was real sloppy. My ready room now, Lieutenant Nobunaga you have the bridge." Jordyn said, as she walked into her ready room

"YES MA'AM replied Tomoe who was surprised by the speed in which Aurora had been quickly demoted and now being castigated by the Commander. Taking the Chair as both women left the bridge, Tomoe said on the ship's intercommunication system.."Attention all hands, this is Lt. Nobunaga speaking, as of this hour, I have been temporarily promoted to the position of Executive Officer. With that out of the way, Tomoe said, as she pressed the button to the ship's intercommunication system...

"Tomoe said all departments report", with each department reporting in, one by one, each department gave Tomoe a "SITREP", and for now it was all good news. The ship was still spaceworthy, and nothing else befell her, she would be able to warp at Warp two. Tomoe contacted the Chief Engineer and said.."Chief what is our status at this time... Getting a report that the ship was now back up to 80% power; however, the shields would need the new Dlithium crystals to be at more than 100% power.

So Tomoe said "Chief Engineer, go and transfer half of the Liquid Dilithium from the remaining three Dilithium tanks, and put that amount into the faulty tank, it should bring up all four tanks to half full, which is enough for us to go to emergency warp if needed. Then send in six of the Engineer slaves to make sure that the valves are in their correct position, in protective gear. Losing two slaves was fine, but not six Engineering Slaves. Now satisfied that the ship would be able to fight and survive.

Next, Tomoe said "Navigation plot a direct course back to the Station, for emergency repairs, plotted into the ships navigational system, Tomoe now watching the Senior Chief Petty Officer working the Helm and said.
Helm, course change to 3456.5. "Aye Ma'am" changing course to 3456.5 replied the Helm NCO. Once the course has been entered, take us to the Space station at Warp factor One. I want enough power for Warp Two if we need maneuvering room to fight.

"Comm inform Captain Russ that were are now returning at Warp one due to cracked "dilithium Crystals", and a faulty Liquid Dilithium Holding Tank. And send with the message a copy of all ship logs to include the daily Captains log, Including Ensign Rhyan's bridge command time.

Now satisfied as to the ship being able to return back to the station under her own power; Tomoe pressed the comm channel from the command chair to the Commander's briefing room which had already recorded Tomoe's actions after taking over as the new temporary XO.

"Commander, replied Tomoe" what are you orders?

Jordyn started to point out to her. "You start barking out orders, without assessing the situation. Damn sloppy." She pointed out.

"You should have called for a complete damage report, of all systems. And silenced the alarms, before barking out orders that could have potentially damaged my ship even more. Never make the call, without investigating what has been damaged. I could not believe my eyes, number one. When I was watching this unfold. Also you did not call for me to come to the bridge immediately." Jordyn said in disbelief. She took a moment to control her temper before going on.

"You started to collect your thoughts, but a little to late." Jordyn said, with anger still in her voice. "As I said to you earlier, sleeping with the Admiral, does not mean you are all-knowing and ready. Today proves that. Perhaps the next time I advise you, you will lose the attitude and listen. Let this be a lesson Number One, now get out of my sight, before I really lose it. Dismissed." Jordyn yelled out. She decided it would be best to let her carry out the role as the first officer, she got the results she wanted.

Aurora breathed out a huge sigh of relief but before she walked out she turned to look at Jordyn. “Commander with all due respect...I’m only an Ensign! I’m not a high ranking bridge officer, I shouldn’t even be in command of a starship!”

"If this was true Ensign, why were prancing around the Yamato like you owned the place. Just because you slept with the Admiral, does not give you the right to become arrogant and mouthy with command. Those rights are earned, not given to your kind. You want the respect of the empire. Then earn it." Jordyn suggested, with a twisted grin on her face. She had put the mouthy ensign in her place.

“Yes Commander” Aurora nodded. She wasn’t going to get into a long argument over it.

A short time later.

"Report Number One?" Jordyn called out, as she walked onto the bridge. She was still testing the alien first officer. She felt that she needed to keep a vigilant eye on her at all times.

“Engineering is still working on the problem Commander” Aurora looked at Jordyn. “They assure me it’ll be sorted as soon as possible!”

"Get on the horn with them, and tell them to get my ship under control now. Or I will come down there, and tear every last one of their hides off." Jordyn demanded, in a stern and authoritative voice.

“Yes Commander!” Aurora nodded and got straight on with the task at hand.

Hearing a very angry commander, blasting Ensign Rhyan, who was back on the bridge; who was almost in tears, and white as a sheet was spotted by Tomoe, as she took her place on the Captain's chair. Turning around from the tactical Station, Tomoe came up to Aurora, and now close to her, she spat at the Ensign. As a large amount of spittle slowly dripped down from Aurora's face to her uniform top, then said in a sarcastic voice that was cold and chilling to hear.

"So the little Trollop who thought she would have it easy by sleeping with a Commodore, "Found out that running a Starship is far harder than to get a man to have a hard on for you. And you're even back so you can fail, replied Tomoe with a sickening voice.

Not mincing words Tomoe continued her verbal and condescending assault on Aurora in front of everyone on the bridge. So you managed this time around not to die from the Commander for a stupid and dangerous command from you, who should have known better. You little ass-wipe, if it were me, I'd have your hide by personally seeing that you suffered in the Agonizer booth at a far longer period of time

Now ENSIGN as Tomoe began to speak but in a deadly tone of voice... You screw up once again and cause us to lose a crewman to one of your hair-brained decisions, I will gladly take the job of tracking you down, and drag your raggedy-ass butt back to the ship, as I cut your head off, and shit down your throat. And when I'm finished I will then cut out your vagina and breasts into small pieces and send these off to every commander you ever fucked in your short time as an officer of the Imperial Navy. "NOW DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS... MISTER!!.

Aurora stood for a moment wiping her jacket clean before looking up at Tomoe. “I suggest you get The HELL OUT OF MY FACE LIEUTENANT!!” Aurora stood nose to nose with Tomoe. “I maybe an Ensign any other time but right now I’m the XO of this ship and YOU will do as YOU are ordered to do unless you’d like a trip to that agoniser booth instead!?” She turned to look at the others present on the bridge, except for Jordyn. “THAT GOES FOR THE REST OF YOU AS WELL!!!” She looked to Jordyn. “Commander, Engineering reports they have finished repairs.”

Deciding that this young trollop of an officer needed a lesson on how things are run on an actual starship, not the quiet peace of a bedroom with someone who likes you to give head, Tomoe suddenly struck out, but with a measured amount of pain to make a point.

Suddenly before anyone could make a move Tomoe raised up a hand, then with the other one that was balled into a fist, struck Aurora in the throat, which suddenly made Aurora bend over gasping for air, then the pummeling began as Tomoe hit certain places on her body that was guaranteed to give her pain, but not kill her. Then with Aurora flat on the Bridge deck, with everyone watching her, Tomoe pulled out her own Agonizer, and kneeling on both of her shoulders.

Tomoe placed her own custom built agonizer against Aurora’s right temple after changing the settings, pushing a button Sending multifaceted shock waves, into Aurora's brain which was now bouncing like an old Terran rubber ball. For seconds, Aurora’s brain was trying to make some sense of the pain, or even trying to decide on an offense but it was no use as she now laid their in silent undulating pain.

Seconds later Tomoe placed her own Agonizer back in her tunic, then rose straight up, and said…

“Why you little piss ant, you think that just because you’re the XO that you are really in charge here”? Look around, there are other qualified officers and Ensigns who are well qualified to run this ship. Do you think that you were put there because your an an Imperial Naval Officer? "YOU WERE PLACE THERE AS A TEST OF YOUR SKILL AS A POSSIBLE EXECUTIVE OFFICER", in case the commander or I died in battle, and you had to bring the ship back to friendly hands.

You failed in your assessment of the mental stability of one who is a born killer and could have killed you as easily as I rip apart a cooked chicken to eat.

But because you NEEDED to learn how to be an officer, and not a Trollop in the bedroom with every Starship Captain, and even an Admiral, the Commander decided to test you, and you failed miserably, as the ships executive officer, "You you screw up, you need to learn a very hard lesson that only comes with years of learning from the other seniro officers, and input from your department heads, not being an officer who goes up the laladder by bedding down every captain and admiral for your own pleasure.

I spared your miserable life this time so that you can properly learn how to lead, ‘NOT GIVE ORDERS.

Then turning to the Commander who had this impish grin on her face, “So with the Commanders permission, ma’am” I will be in my cabin awaiting your next order, whether I am to be executed or not… Then Tomoe straightened her uniform, and saluted the Commander, as everyone watched her leave the bridge.

As for Aurora, as she tried to stand up to face a Commander who was now beyond all reason; Aurora was in pain from the beating that Tomoe inflicted on her. Her hair was a mess, her makeup ruined by her tears and two black eyes. Her puffy lips that was bleeding profusely, along with a missing tooth. Her uniform was torn at the tunic, exposing a pair of breasts battered repeatedly.

Trying to stand up at attention to the Commander was hard for one whose pubic area, had been repeatedly kicked in by a pair of heavy black boots, but try as she must, Aurora finally came to attention but not before almost passing out.

With the Bridge crew trying to stifle some laughter at her own expense, Aurora had the unenviable position of being exposed as a person who is only interested in giving orders, not learning from her mistakes. And now as she looked around the bridge, and all she saw was a crew that was now itching to kill her for her poor performance and skill as the ships Executive Officer, along with the other Ensigns and Lt JG's who were all on the bridge, looking for ways to get rid of Aurora, while advancing to the position of Executive Officer.

Looking around the bridge it was silent as many pairs of eyes were now waiting for the Commanders other boot to fall.

Jordyn walked over to Aurora, and grabbed her cheek, and looked into her eyes. She was assessing the damage. She almost felt pity for her. But she needed to come off her high horse. "Clean yourself up, till this mission is complete you are the first officer. Learn from this mistake, and Number One. Learn your place, and learn how to lead. As an Alien, you must work twice as hard, for everyone's approval. Let this be a life lesson for you. I will have documents sent over to your quarters, your next shift is in 10 hours, be prepared and rested for it." Jordyn finished off saying, as she let her cheek go and walked over to the command chair.

"Yes, Commander!" Aurora slowly made her way off the bridge. Her first port of call would have to be Sickbay to have her injuries assessed and treated before heading to her quarters to rest ready for her next bridge shift.

Ten hours later....

"Were still a few hours from target, begin tactical simulations Number one. Do it by the book, I trust you had some time to review the documents, I sent to you?" Jordyn asked, as she could tell that Aurora cleaned up well, but still showed signs of the beating she took earlier.

“Yes, Commander” Aurora nodded. The beating left her painfully bruised and with less of a want to fight against Jordyn and Tomoe, instead she simply buckled down and did as she was ordered. “Commencing tactical simulations now.” She

A short time had passed, and it was clear to Jordyn that she had been paying attention to the material, that Jordyn had sent her. Damn, she thought to herself. "Much better Number One, and some creative choices. Maybe your worth salvaging." She said mockingly. She did not want to deal with her ego again, but her performance was on parr, so for an alien that was good enough.

“Thank you Commander” Aurora nodded. Her face expressed no emotion, no excitement or anything. Instead she kept her head down and did her work to avoid more pain, she was already black and blue. Right now she just wanted to get through her shift with no more beatings.

0330 Hrs: Bridge of the ISS Yahagi

Pulling duty as a certified Command Bridge Officer, LT JG St. Paul was sitting in the XO’s chair, watching the goings on of the after-midnight watch. With the Commander, Tomoe, and Aurora having left the bridge a long time ago, he was now the senior officer on the bridge. And with what happened within the last 72 hours, he was glad that he was not around, so he did not have a comment on the matter if one of the other bridge crewmen asked him.

As the hours went by it, running the ship at Warp 1 all he had to do was make sure that the ship ran smoothly, and with everyone now in bed except for the on-duty crew, all he did was sit back in the chair, watching as he read the command battle plans for new Bridge Officers.

Suddenly the quiet din of the bridge came to an end as the Chief Engineer made his report.

“Sorry to bother you, Lt”, replied one of the engineering officers on duty. “Thought you’d like to know, that one of the security officers was doing his/her usual security check of the Port Narelle Warp Drive Engine room, then he found the body of an Engineering Slaves at the bottom of the Port Narelle. Apparently, he had fallen off the catwalk above the Warp Engine, and in doing so, he splattered his head and neck on the deck.

LtJG St. Paul wrote this up on the Bridge’s log; then sat back in the XO’s chair, enjoying a cup of hot coffee as he thought "one down, "ninety-nine more to go", with a maniacal chuckle.

A few hours had passed.....

0700 Hours...

Jordyn walked onto the bridge, an hour before her assigned duty shift. She heard some one call out, Captain on the bridge. An old naval term, the CO was often referred to as Captain, regardless of rank. Before arriving on the bridge. She was reviewing the files over breakfast. When Jordyn decided she wanted to speak to Lieutenant St.Paul, and see what he had learned. She walked over to her command chair. "Report Lieutenant." She called out, in a loud and demanding voice.

Lt Jg St. Paul gave his report, the ship was running smoothly, deciding to test the ships bridge to repel enemy boarders, the Holodeck simulated the bridge as if were under attack and was now being boarded. Even though everyone had Phasers, sometimes technology gave out at the wrong inopportune moment, so to give the crew added weapons, improvised deadly weapons dating back the time of the 1st and 16th century were used. As for the enemy boarding the ship, the crew had easily repelled the enemy boarders by inflicting barbaric, blood thirsty tactic causing the enemy to retreat back to their ship with heavy losses. Once there the Transporter had beamed aboard a small tactical nuke embedding this into the enemy ships shuttle launch bay. With the tide of balance now in the hands of the Yahagi, the command decision was made, the enemy ship went up in flames, turning more than 500 crewmen into atoms.

As far as the dead Vulcan, all that anyone knew even Dr. Ali Hur could tell was that he somehow fell from the third or fourth deck inspection catwalk at terminal velocity, then as his head and neck hit the deck, the head exploded like an overripe melon, as his entire cervical spinal from the head to the bottom of his spine was crushed like an egg shell. Even though the Vulcan was brought to sickbay almost immediately when found, the Medics and later by Dr. Ali Hur had pronounced him dead at 0450 hrs.

Since it was a Vulcan Slave who had died on duty, the need to contact the commander was not imitated, the body would be put in a white plastic stasis bag, then placed in a cubicle under the ship where the coldness of space would keep the Vulcan frozen for the trip back to the Station, or if and when the body would be released to Vulcan Authorities.

“Commander, that is the only excitement on last morning watch, as LtJG St. Paul reviewed the shps with the commander, finally St. Paul was relieved from the bridge.

In a calm and collected voice, Jordyn started to walk over towards the duty officer. "Lieutenant, do I look like the type of Starship Captain, that has not already read the duty log, from the night before?" Jordyn asked him, giving him one chance, to tell her about the Vulcan killed during his shift? She was already furious, that her acting first officer, was doing a mediocre job, and now her duty officer, was failing to report a death.

Standing up; St. Paul who never seemed to be fazed by a high ranking officer, had served with Captain Russ under many adverse conditions, so he just waited for the Commander to blow off steam, spoke in a calm and measured voice as he looked the commander in the eye and said…

‘Ma’am between you; me and the bulkhead I believe that the Vulcan was killed by someone who has great combat skills, that only comes from someone who has great combat skills, found in someone who has been to the arena. I believe that this person prevented the assassination of the XO.

What had the Terran Empire become? Some soft weak organization over night? She was pissed, at the inferior officers, now serving on this support vessel. She needed to whip them all in shape.

Continuing with his report, St. Paul said..Other than that, the latest scuttlebutt coming deep within the enlisted ranks is that until last night's incident, the XO had a bounty on her head. But now with the death of the Vulcan, no one wants to chance fate by trying to kill the XO.

Now Ma'am is there anything else you want me to explain on my log?, replied St. Paul.

After a while, the ship was pulling up to Mannheim research station. The station was abnormally quiet and dark. After a moment the station contacted the Yahagi. A petite young blonde appeared on the view screen.

"I'm Wendi doctor Manheim's assistant. How can I help you today?"

"Prepare for my arrival, my delegation will be beaming over shortly." Jordyn called out, ignoring the question, some low ranking piss ant, was asking her. How dare the chief scientist or Base Commander, disrespect her in such a manner. "Have your superiors waiting for my arrival, in the transporter room."

"Of course but doctor Manheim is a busy man. He will not like this", the woman replied.

While all of this was going on, Tomoe was deep in the lowest bowels of the ship, attending to an insolent Junior Lt who had failed to take care of a malfunctioning food replicator unit. The Lt was one of the ship's Mess control officers and was in charge of making sure the food replicators were functioning. Taking a call of a small disturbance in the crewmen’s galley, Tomoe came to find that some of the food replicators had been taken off line, due to a missing critical part. To make the situation bad, the junior Lt in charge was now charging the crewmen to eat in the mess hall.

So Tomoe went up to the offending officer, hit him with a rear backhand strike and after he went down on the deck, Tomoe pulled out her agonizer she shoved this into the man’s right armpit.

As Tomoe pushed the Agonizer button, the smell of burning hair, coupled with massive shock waves to the man’s entire nervous Now in major agony, and screaming as she just kept the Agonizer on for a lot longer time, the man finally passed out. But as Tomoe got up off the man, minutes later the man whose uniform was now disheveled, hair out of place, and trying to get up off the deck several times. Now with the man trying to get his bearings, he propped himself up against a bulkhead, then Tomoe said..

“LT I want you to personally fix the Replicator, and if I get another call of a problem in the crew's mess hall due to a faulty replicator; I will personally hunt you down, and in front of everyone I will castrate you, and feed you what is left of your testicles!

“YESSSS MA”AM” screamed the frightened Lieutenant, who had heard the rumors about her. Finished Tomoe left the crews galley and took a turbolift to the bridge, where she entered and took her seat near Tactical.

"Just in time Lieutenant, we are about to head over to the station." Jordyn said with a twisted grin on her face. She walked over the tactical station. "Apparently the station commander and the science chief are to important to take my call. What do you say, do you want to take out that personal agonizer for a spin, and teach two boneheads a valuable lesson?" Jordyn asked.

Not speaking for a few seconds, Tomoe said nothing, Then with her usual way of speaking Tomoe said “Yes Commander” I would like to teach the entire station that the Emperor does not allow for any deviation from Imperial orders, no matter how high up the persons station in life takes him or her. “Orders are to be followed to the letter, and if the Dr. and his entire crew of scientists and the station personnel have failed the emperor, I feel it is my duty to enforce the will of the Emperor on each and everyone one of them” replied Tomoe whose right hand was beginning to inch towards her agonizer.

Then with an evil grin, Tomoe said; “Commander”, give me the word, and I will have my own men ferret out the source of any type of rebellion, or any budding plans for an insurrection, on the part of either Dr. Manheim, his assistants, and even the station personnel.

I will make an example of all, and those who do not fear the wrath or have decided to not obey the orders of the emperor, to even the Doctor himself.

Tell me what to do Commander, and it will be done; spoke Tomoe. “Long live the Emperor, for his word is law, and the law shall be obeyed.

Then Tomoe saluted the Commander and stood next to her. Standing next to the commander, Tomoe entire face was now one of an angry god, as she scanned the entire bridge, and by now everyone knew that Tomoe by now once she had locked on someone she found was guilty of a lessor crime never came back as their mind and body was destroyed by Tomoes persuasive methods.

For anyone found guilty of a major crime, they were never seen alive again after being led screaming to Tomoes room.

"Bravo." Jordyn called in agreement. She was impressed, how well Tomoe could light up a room. Now here was a shinning example of a good Terran Empire Officer. "You are right, no one is above the emperor, or following the emperors law." Jordyn started to say with a twisted grin on her face.

The idea of making the station personal suffer, brought great joy to her face. "There are some days, I really enjoy my job. And yes, today is one of those days." She said told Tomoe with a grin on her face.

"Come Lieutenant, lets not keep the station commander and their science chief, waiting." Jordyn said, with a twisted laugh, as they headed off the bridge. Once in the Yahagi's transporter room Tomoe waited for the commander to step on the transporter pad, as she spoke to the Transporter Chief whispering into his ear. Suddenlly the transporter chief began to smile then turned solemn as both Jordyn and Tomoe suddenly dematerialized. Then the Transporter chief quickly began to reprogram the transporter, as he waited for the signal from Tomoe.

The scene starts to fade away.


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