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Posted on Fri Jan 31st, 2020 @ 5:10pm by Commodore Nathan Russ & Commander Jordyn Hopkins & Lieutenant Tomoe Nobunaga & Ensign Aurora Rhyan

Mission: New Frontier
Location: Starbase Commodore’s Quarters
Timeline: May 17th 2364 - 1730 HRS


Having arrived back onboard the station Aurora had gotten on with her required duties in silence. The science labs were in excellent shape and she was pleased with progress, something she noted in her report before finishing her shift. She’d missed being with Nathan and having stopped off at her own Quarters she made for his at her earliest opportunity. She was sitting waiting for him wrapped in a scantily clad nightdress and robe which nicely showed the bruising on her throat and body from the beating Tomoe had given her. Her voice was also somewhat hoarse.

Nathan walked into his quarters and looked at Aurora. He paused and closed his eyes for a moment before opening them and speaking, "What happened?" The tone of his voice was dead pan and with out any kind of emotion.

"Let's just say my first experience of being First Officer was a good chance for them to show me up as a worthless alien!" She hung her head. "Lieutenant Nobunaga decided to teach me a lesson infront of the entire bridge crew."

Nathan nodded with no change to his expression. Instead he moved to a decent sized desk in his quarters. He then tapped a corner of the desk indicating he wanted Aurora to sit there. The he tapped the computer terminal on his desk.

"Commander Hopkins and Lieutenant Nobunaga to my quarters, now." Nathan had a slight darkness to his tone. After the channel closed he looked up to Aurora. His tone was still go flat and cold. His face held a firm poker expression but his eyes, they betrayed him. Instead of the darkness he otherwise normally held, the now housed a softness. Before she spoke Nathan held up one finger to silence Aurora. "We will speak more after they leave."

Once the door chimed Russ called in Hopkins and Nobunaga. He ignored their salutes and sat with his hands together and fingers interlaced. Ask but his index finger which rested together and extended. His expression now show his anger clearly.

"Lieutenant Nobunaga is it your policy to show the underlings that bridge officers are week? Do you think it's acceptable to do this", Nathan paused motioning to the marks on Aurora, "to another bridge officer?"

Standing at attention, Tomoe quickly remembered in her mind everything that had happened before the beating, then with a deep and serious voice, Tomoe stood in front of the commander as their eyes locked, Nathan could see a fire beginning to burn in her eyes as she spoke.

“Commodore, permission to speak my mind, sir replied Tomoe” as she watched Aurora trying to stand up straight; Tomoe simply went up to Aurora, and before anyone could stop her, Tomoe with not much force ripped away the robe from Aurora’s body that revealed the severe non-life threatening bruises that were expertly inflicted on her body.

From the massive bruises to her breasts and nipple area, the redness to her inner thighs and the nasty bruise to her pubic area, both Nathan and Joyce could tell that the bruises were not just happenstance, but made by a person with a great amount of of training, and the bruises were meant only as a warning..

Shocked at her appearance, even Commander Hopkins, and the Nathan had never seen anyone beaten to an inch of their life and still live to talk about it.

Aurora turned away trying to cover herself up as best as she could, she'd had enough of being embarrassed infront of others. She said nothing but retreated out of reach of Tomoe's hands.

Russ was furious now and slammed his hand on the desk hard enough to rattle what was on top of it. He stood up and moved to Tomoe. Taking a moment to glare at the woman, soon Nathan wore a wicked evil grin. He shook his head as his tone changed to a more moving tone.

Nathan nodded as he spoke, "You know, I blame your Co for allowing this gross miss conduct. Did this worthless, pathetic, sorry excuse for a bridge office need discipline... of course she did. She is not granted any special treatment for sharing my bed, but there is a right way and a wrong way to discipline bridge officers.

If the crew sees us all black and blue from beating the shit out of each other than our crew will never respect us enough to do their jobs. Not to mention we will have many more rebellions. This is why we have agony booths on all Terran star ships. Since its obvious this was not taught to you, allow me to give you a lesson. Since this was Commander Hopkins responsibility I will let her decide your duration... After she spends an hour in one herself, to remind her we have them. How does that sound to you Commander Hopkins?"

Aurora understood Nathan's words, he couldn't show her any favoritism or it would cost him respect and his life. She stood not showing any emotion as she waited for Hopkins's response.

Suddenly Tomoe barked out..

”Ensign who gave you orders to move away? You were not ordered to move, and though you’re in civilian clothing, while on this station you are still an ISS officer and you will act as an officer.

Now, Commodore as I was beginning, we do follow all Emperor directives, even the ones that are distasteful. However, Commodore, I believe you know about the little known but still used General Order..”515”,

"Which states that any officer who is appointed to the position of command, whether it is as the XO, or a bridge officer, or a senior officer below the rank of LTCDR and during the course of their actions on the bridge endangers the crew of the ship, shall be punished for their inactions or actions,

In other words Commodore, the right of punishment by my hands was an automatic command, and would have resulted in the Agony box, or even the death of the Ensign, but deciding not to kill her, I felt that an ass whipping on the Ensign would be quite enough, no matter how the crew may have felt about the Ensign, (1) she was on the bridge when the mishap occurred, and she never followed regulations, (2) she failed in not calling the commander to the bridge (3) she also failed in not having security put me in irons when she ordered me to leave the bridge. And (4) she also failed to forsee that as one who is expert in the arena, that I may suddenly turn and attack her. Yes Commodore, that Trollop of an Ensign fucked up this cruise to the station.

How many officers have you had flogged, whipped, or sent to the Agony booth for committing a simple infraction of the Emperor's law? How many officers have you killed for the pleasure of taking over their command; one, two, or maybe six senior officers to rise to the position of Commodore.

Spoke Tomoe who was not even bothered by the slamming of the Commodores' fist. There was a fire to the pupils of Tomoe as she now locked horns with the Commodore. The Commodore could have killed her for her insolence, but that was nothing compared to what she had faced in the arena. All she saw in the Commodore was a very tired older man, whose bark was worse than his bite. Though he would not admit it, he was now at the end of life, and a bit frightened.

For even in death Commodore; I want you to think of one thing… My associates are all around, and all have sworn to avenge my death. I believe that there is an old Federation sayng that says. "Keep you friends close but keep your enemies even closer.

Commodore, you may not die now, but who is to say that in the future one of my fathers assassins is given the contract to take your life, and believe me, though you may kill them all, they will continue to work at eliminating you whether it is is now; or in the far distant future, replied Tomoe who was waiting for the Commanders idle threats...

"First off", Nathan began now furious and enraged, "I have NEVER laid a finger on a bridge officer. My commanding officer taught me the same lesson I am going to teach you. The Empire maintains order through fear and terror. An officer of the empire is a person of power and influence to be feared and respected. They are clean cut, well groomed and god like. We do not bleed, we do not bruise and we can not be hurt. Doing what you did to Aurora does NOT support that."

Nathan took a moment for that to sink in before continuing, "Next you will never threaten me again if you expect to survive this assignment. You are out of line, you are being disciplined and you will take it in stride if you wish to excel. That being said, I will not continue to support you and work to elevate you if you can not respect me and abide by my orders and my discipline."

Nathan scratched his head and then moved to stand in front of the Asian woman again, "Tomoe, I like you. I read your file many times over. Ambitious, focused, driven, loyal and honorable. These words are repeated many times in your dossie. However, I need you to respect the authority of those above you. In this room you don't give orders to any one. These are my private chambers and if Aurora wants to go lay down in my bed she can do so at my leisure. If Jordyn wants to knock you on your ass for making her look bad, she may do so at my leisure. Finally, if you want to apologize for your attitude and your threats when you are being disciplined for your mistake, you may at my leisure. You were not wrong to punish Aurora. That was and is not the issue. You were wrong for doing so in a way that made her appear weak to the crew.

Aurora is our Chief Science Officer because the Lieutenant we had was an imbecile that had me on the verge of breaking my own rule about hitting a senior officer. So I relieved him to return to work under Aurora and she is the new Chief Science Officer. Now, my romantic affiliation is new with our Chief Science Officer, but is not the point of this meeting right now. You are not, I repeat, not to leave a mark on any other bridge officer again. That is why we have agony booths. So, if your coming down on her harder because she is in my bed... so be it. She's a big girl, she can deal with that and with out me getting involved. This conversation would be happening no matter who I saw bruised. So hopefully we are clear?"

"YES COMMODORE" I understand, however you never mentioned the crewmen or the slaves aboard, so does that mean I am authorized to met out a little bit of punnishment to any crewmen or petty officer who doesn't toe the line?

Tomoe knew that trying to argue with the Commodore would either get her killed, or the mission from the Emperor scrubbed, with another Assassin having to be sent from one of the many worlds and systems to complete Tomoe's mission. So Tomoe begrudgingly accepted the Commodore's ass chewing. At least she wasn't stripped naked and lying on one of Dr. Ali Hur's own Autopsy tables having her innards dissected, and displayed on a metal tray without the use of any pain killers.

"YES COMMODORE, I WILL INDEED FOLLOW YOUR ORDERS" replied Tomoe whose voice never wavered; "however Commodore; if I find that an officer has screwed up, and places the ship and you or the Commmander under harm, I will make sure that they pay for their misdeeds, and use the Agony booth.... commented Tomoe who was now done with talking and just wanted to get out of the Commodore's private room.

So Aurora like to be screwed by the Commodore, well then let her have her fun because she's going to have to prove to the commander that she's no fucking trollop only good for one thing, a romp in the sack, thought Tomoe as she made a quick glance at Aurora, then a slightly long look at Jordyn, and a long look at the deck.

Aurora could only stand and wonder how long it would be before she'd end up in an agony booth for this. No doubt Tomoe would be looking for any mistake, no matter how little to punish her for now.

"Permission to speak freely, Commodore?" Jordyn asked in a monotone voice.

Russ only nodded quietly. He was ready to throw all three of them in an agony booth now that he was starting to develop a head ache. This was why he typically did not take a mistress. No bull shit about favoritism.

"Commodore, if I may. As Tomoe has pointed out so colorfully. The Ensign's own arrogance and incompetence to follow protocol, got her the beating she deserve. The logs speak for themselves Sir. Feel free to review them. By all rights sir, It was well within my rights to have her killed. But what lesson would she learn?" Jordyn stated for the record.

"Putting Aurora in an agonizer, for a being incompetent in her duties as a bridge officer, is one thing. She needed to grasp the sincerity of the calibrations of fuck ups, she committed. Now granted, the deck was stacked against her. But she choked under pressure, and if this had been a real crisis, she would have gotten her crew killed." Jordyn pointed out for Nathan's consideration.

"If I may Commodore?" Aurora looked at Russ.

The mans voice was now flat, labored and clearly irritated. He looked towards the woman as he spoke, "yes".

"I maybe a bridge officer now but I am only an Ensign. I am not trained to command a ship, the bridge test isn't something an Ensign is usually offered. Commander Hopkins had a more senior officer that she could have chosen to be her first officer, but she chose to put me in a position that she knew I wasn't ready for. As much as I appreciate the trust you put in me Commander." She looked at Jordyn. "It was unrealistic to think that I would cope as a first officer."

"Command can be thrusted on anyone, at any given time Ensign. Hiding behind your weakness, saying I am only an Ensign, is weak-minded cop out. Most officers, show more promise than you did, the first time they are put in a similar situation. You have failed to learn from your mistakes, and yet again you run up to the Commodore, hoping he will protect you." Jordyn called out in disgust. "This is the Empire, you should always expect the unexpected, a good officer, learns how to adapt and utilize it." Jordyn spoke out to Aurora.

"I am going to say this one more time, for all three of you. My standing order is that NO bridge officer be beaten as a form of punishment. Murder them if they deserve it, but do not beat them. Throw em in an agony booth for a couple days, but no beating them. As for rank, Commander Hopkins is right, your rank has no bearing on your command ability. Something I will reward the commander greatly for taking extra time to teach you, if she chooses. However, with that kind of... ignorance, it is clear that the commander made a choice, in this instance, that was the right call. So, I will be excusing both the Lieutenant and the Commander from their violation of my standing rule about how to discipline bridge officers. In fact, I may be adjusting my standing rule, but not at the moment. So going forward, use only agony booths until I say otherwise, for the bridge officers that is. Every one else, use your best judgment."

Biting her tongue, Tomoe said "Yes Commodore, and long live the Emperor". So thought Tomoe, bridge officers are out, and as he said everyone else is is prime meat for punnishment.... Now finished with her thoughts she watched the Commander, then followed her lead....

Jordyn thought that Nathan was being weak. The empire has never shined away from beating personal, when the demand called for it. She still felt strongly that Aurora got off easily. But this was not the place nor the time, to address it. At the moment, she bit her tongue and called out. "Long live the empire." She was still loyal to Nathan, but her trust in his ability to sound of mind, was starting to slip.

"Now get out of my quarters and celebrate. You did a great job overall, ladies", Nathan ordered.


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