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Welcome to the Empire

Posted on Tue Feb 11th, 2020 @ 12:16pm by Commander Jordyn Hopkins & Ensign Aurora Rhyan

Mission: New Frontier
Location: ISS Yahagi, CO Ready Room
Timeline: After "Time for a Time Check"

Jordyn was back on the ISS Yahagi. She was completing her report to the empire, about the treachery that the doctor had tried to slip by on them. Jordyn had requested Aurora to report to her. The request was more like an order. But she was at least nice about it.

Aurora arrived at Jordyn’s Office, straightening her uniform she pressed the chime and waited for an answer.

"Enter." Called out Jordyn in a stern tone, over the communications channel. She wanted to sound fearsome, incase others were listening.

Walking inside Aurora crossed the space to the desk quickly before standing to attention as best as she could, given her still healing body from the beating Tomoe had given her. “You wanted to see me Commander?”

"Have a seat. Let's discuss this." Jordyn started to say, as she slid over a data padd. It was a copy of her evaluation. She was given a passing grade, but a lot of highlighted areas of improvement. She had a rocky start, but she came around, which Jordyn knew she could. She waited for Aurora to pick it up and read it.

Aurora cautiously reached for the PADD and picked it up. Her eyebrows raised in surprise as she read what was on the report. "I passed?" She looked at Jordyn in surprise. "I wasn't expecting...." She looked up at Jordyn. "Commander what happened aboard the ship...I thought I was right in standing up for myself as First Officer, even though I am a junior officer in a senior position, as First Officer you are in charge and as such you should act that way. Was I so wrong in my way of thinking?"

"A good leader learns from their mistakes, you learned from yours. Yes you made a major blunder, and if that was a real life scenario, you might have gotten the crew killed. But you learn from this. And this is not a real life exercise. You have the tactical skills to be a good leader, we just need to mold the rest of you to be one. My job was not to knock you down, and demoralize you. It was to place you in a difficult situation, and see how you came through it. You passed, barely but still passed. You were able to lick your wounds, and keep the crew together, and manage the day to day operations of the ship. Someday, and with a hell of a lot more training, you will make a good command candidate." Jordyn said, in a monotone voice. She was not a fan of giving aliens commands, but sadly they needed the aliens to help fill their ranks.

"Thank you Commander." Aurora still couldn't believe she was getting this good a review. "I am more than willing to work my way up through the ranks and earn the senior position I hold. I never planned to make bridge officer so soon not that I'd have refused it."

"A good Terran Officer, will always seek to reach power. Just remember, in your rise to power, to remember those you serve with. You need to rule with respect and fear. If you can learn that, you will make a great servent captain for the empire." Jordyn suggested, sounding a little racist. She could not help it, but show her dissent for aliens. But as first officer, she had a duty to the empire.

Aurora nodded. “I will learn from my mistakes Commander, that I promise you. I know as a hybrid I’m not very well thought of but as such it puts me in a unique position between us and the other races we encounter. I could yet prove to be an invaluable resource to the empire.”

"I hope so Ensign, the Commodore sees greatness In you, its my job to make it come out and shine." Jordyn said, as she looked Aurora in the eyes.

"Permission to speak freely Commander?" Aurora looked at Jordyn waiting for a nod or verbal permission.

"Keep it short, but yes." Jordyn stated, in a monotone style voice. She was not very fond of speaking freely. She did not think, personal feelings should play a factor in empire business.

"Try using my strengths instead of my weaknesses." She paused. "I've been beaten and humiliated. I maybe considered an alien because I am but that in itself is a bonus. Who better to act as a go between with other aliens, plus the fact that I'm an empath and a telepath. Put my skills to use the way they were intended to be, if nothing else it'll help with interrogations."

"Until the empire trust you fully, you will not be allowed to fully utilize your abilities, the suppressors will continue. Passing the command test is the first step. As you probably gathered, I do not look favorably on people who sleep their way to the top. To many times in our past, have weak minded and worthless leaders been promoted to the top. And almost destroyed our Empire. Loyalty, duty and honor are things that will get you to the top Under Commodore Russ's regime." Jordyn pointed out to her.

“I have no plan to sleep my way to the top Commander” Aurora paused. “I realise how it looks my being the Captain’s woman but is it so hard to believe that I actually find him attractive? A woman needs love in her life Commander, at least I do.”

"I am not blind Aurora, so please do not insult my intelligence again." Jordyn suggested, not buying that blatant lie spewing from her mouth. "I know you are sleeping around, I know about you and Gemini." Jordyn pointed out to her, and then continued. "You are hardly the Captain's exclusive girl. And your expanding your influence. I am suggesting to you, base it on skills and not on your performance in the bedroom."

Aurora nodded. “Yes Commander” She had to wonder just how much Jordyn really knew about her. If she knew of her links to the Underground Railroad that helped slaves to escape the Empire she would probably already be under interrogation or surveillance. So far as she knew she wasn’t under any suspicion. “Is there anything else you need Commander?”

"No Dismissed." Jordyn said, hoping that Aurora understand, that they were keeping their eyes on her. She did not know about the underground railroad, but she had a feeling there was something more going on with her. She needed to figure out, what it was.

"Thank you Commander" Aurora stood and saluted before making her way out of the office.

Jordyn watched the alien woman walk out of her office. There was something about Aurora, she did not like. It went beyond her hatred of aliens, and her superiority complex. She was to smug, to liberal with her mouth. Even though Tomoe put her in her place, she feared Aurora, did not learn her lesson. The scene starts to fade, with Jordyn reviewing some files from her desk.


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