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Right Place Wrong Time

Posted on Mon Mar 16th, 2020 @ 2:07pm by Commodore Nathan Russ & Commander Jordyn Hopkins & Lieutenant Tomoe Nobunaga & Lieutenant Tobias Hobbs & Lieutenant JG Juliet St. Clair & Ensign Aurora Rhyan

Mission: What Just Happened
Location: Star Base Takayanagi - Ops
Timeline: 2376/04/27 - 1400 HRS

Nathan had a small but functional desk at the back of Ops sitting raised above every one so he could watch over every one. There were stairs in front leading up to his desk, but no other way up to his small command platform. It was a half circle platform with rails around so some one could stand and look down at the rest of the large circular operations center.

Russ was sitting at his desk working when he looked up to see his officers below. Under his area at the ends of his little space were two outward opening agony booths. Past them were various consoles and work stations with a large open area in the center of the room. Unlike Terok Nor, there was no table or station in the center of the room, it was open and adorned with the Terran Empire symbol on the floor.

With out warning the station began to rock violently. After a moment, the rocking stopped but every thing seemed to have been swallowed by a reddish purple haze. A few more seconds passed then a bright red light over took every one. As the light faded every one on the station was rendered unconscious for only a few moments. Like the rest of the crew Nathan slowly came too.

"Some one want to tell me what the hell just happened", Nathan barked?

Aurora slowly awoke to the sound of Nathan's voice. Dragging herself up off the floor. "From the amount of confusion I'm sensing, I'm guessing whatever happened here occurred all over the station."

"We need answers Aurora, man your station and get us some."
Jordyn called out, as she started to come too as well. Jordyn walked over to her station.

“Aye Commander!” Aurora moved to her station and started checking readouts.

A comm line opened. “Intel to Ops. What the hell is going on up there? No one here has any clue, and all of our signals traffic just went dead.” Juliet St. Clair marched around her workspace, checking consoles and making sure her team members were all okay. She tried not to panic, but too much had gone wrong in too short a time without any warning, and the anxiety crept into her voice.

Tapping his com Russ replied, "I'm afraid we don't know any thing more than you do, Lieutenant. Though from what I've gathered, Terran com channels are silent and we seem to be out of place some how."

"Understood," Juliet replied, closing the channel.

Hobbs opened his eyes disoriented but within seconds was calling out orders and demanding a check on the base’s conditions and where the command staff was and if they were secure.

TAG ALL (not knowing is completely expected at this point, hint hint)

As for Tomoe, she had just gotten out of the ships Holodeck, trying to perfect a certain sword strike when she was suddenly slammed up against a hologram building of an old Japanese castle wall. Now crawling on the ground she finally came out of the Holodeck, looking a bit ragged and still wearing her Samnurai Armor, as she reached up to a nearby com box, and called the on duty security chief..."Chief? What the hell just happened"? screamed Tomoe who was still feeling the effects of whatever it was...

Things had changed. The station was still orbiting the same planet, but the planet was now barren of life having been scorched a century ago by Terran weapons. The radiation of space and the alignment of the stars made it obvious to the sensors that the station and all the ships docked with it were now more than ten years in the future. However, soon the real threat was to reveal it self.

A large Klingon warship decloaked. The computer instantly displayed the image on the view screen. Russ had no idea what was going on, but he knew the sight of the Vor'cha Class Battle Cruiser well. He barked orders as quickly as he could.

"Red Alert! Hobbs get the shields up and prep our weapons. Hopkins, get to the Yamato and prep for launch", Russ ordered. Russ then tapped his comm badge, "Russ to Nobunaga, get to the ISS Isokaze, prep for launch and await my further instructions."

Russ then looked to Ludovisi, "Ludovisi get the Klingons on the view screen. Its about time we find out why they dare venture so deep into Terran space. Ensign Faire get a phaser and be ready to secure the reactor with a security team. Ensign Rhyan find out what the hell is going on with space and our status."

Hobbs raised the shields immediately and brought the weapons online waiting for them to be operational. “Ready to fire on your orders and our shields are raised!”

"Captain, there is something strange about that Klingon ship, Miss Aurora can you confirm, what my sensors and tactical analysis is reading to me." Jordyn called out, from her station. She wanted Nathan to be made aware of this.

Aurora was checking and re-checking her own readouts, what she found was alarming at best. "Yes, Commander!" She looked up from her station. "According to all my readouts, we're not in our own time anymore!"

"We appear to be out of temporal sync, my station is trying to analyze the data. I could use your help Aurora, in clearing this up." Jordyn called out.

"Aye Commander!" Aurora moved quickly across to Jordyn to see what they could decifer from the data.

Hobbs stood at his Station, keeping his eyes on the panel, prepared to fire if the Klingon ship made any move of aggression.

"Sir, this can't be right." Jordyn said, as she started to decipher the information. How was this possible? How could this come to pass? If this was true? There was nothing on the station, that she knew of that could cause this to happen.

Tomoe who was still in her samurai outfit, staggered out into the main passageway of the Yamato, and had to hang on to a bulkhead as another wave of nausea swept over her. With the last vestiges of the nausea now gone, she stood up, made sure she was steady and ran to find the one man that could be responsible for this, ‘Dr. Manheim’, or if it wasn’t Manheim, there would be hell to pay as bodies would fall after her interrogation.

As soon as Tomoe was ready she heard the order to report to the ISS Isokaze. The scene would have been comical in normal times; "to see an ancient Samurai running almost stumbling through the flexible passenger tunnel into the ship, but this was not normal, and so Tomoe who was still in her samurai outfit, staggered out into the flexible passageway ramp of Yamato, and into the ISS Isokaze.

Hanging on for dear life close to a blulkhead, she had to cling to this as another waver of nausea swept over her. With the last vestiges of the nausea now gone, she finally made her way into the bridge which was markedly different in size and appearance.

But before Tomoe sat down, she ordered “All hands return back to the ship, This is not a drill, General Quarters, General Quarters”. With the crew now scrambling to find the entrance way, since the old ways were now change, they all managed to enter the ship and rapidly disappear into their respective departments.

In less than 10 minutes after receiving the ship emergency call back, all departments had by now given their status, but to Tomoe's way of thinking even 5 minutes was too far to long to be lollygagging thier way back to the ship..."Hmmmm, if this is over, there are going to be a few more senior and junior officer heading to the Agony booth" though Tomoe as she was now dressed in her regular ISS uniform. "Yeoman" take my armor to my room, and be careful, that is a suit of armor belonging to one of my ancestors" as tomoe took her seat in the Commanders chair, and waited for the order...

Now with every one moving about to complete their orders Nathan called out, "Some one put that Klingon ships captain on screen."

After a moment a young and proud looking Klingon filled the view screen. The man spoke in a very comfortable and confident tone, "This is the Imperial Alliance Battle Cruiser Ke'Cha. You Terrans will surrender your base and submit to us to be returned to where ever you escaped from."

Russ shook his head with an expression of sheer awe, "I beg your pardon. You will not dictate orders to an Imperial Terran Battle Station. I am Commodore Nathan Russ of the Terran Battle Station Takayanagi. You are in Terran space in direct violation of the peace treaty we have with your people. We consider this an act of war. Prepare to be blown out of the stars!"

The Klingon's expression changed to one of shock and awe himself. How dare this Terran slave have the audacity to argue with the Captain of an Alliance ship. He would make sure to make this slave suffer for a long time. "Commodore you seem lost. There is no more Terran Empire. The alliance conquered it 2295. So, Commodore I don't know what drugs your on, but you and your merry band of misfit slaves will return to your slave masters and hope they don't just kill you on the spot."

Nathan shook his head having had enough of this conversation, "Hobbs, blow that bastard and his ship straight to hell."

Hobbs having already targeted the Klingons started firing on them, knowing his aim was sure as they were direct hits on them.

Russ then tapped his com, "Yamato and Isokaze launch and go to red alert. There may be other Klingons in the area. Be ready to support and defend the station should any more ships show up."

Something felt a little off, but Jordyn could not figure out what it was. What had her feeling that things were not right. "Aye Sir." Jordyn called out.

Watching Tomoe stomping her way down the large passageway, everyone knew better than to come up to her with some petty command question; either they knew it or didn't. Each person who questioned her orders would be finding themselves in the Agonizer booth with Tomoe at the controls.

Though Tomoe, thought as she entered the War Room, (I should have been given orders to turn that Klingon ship, and its captain into floating atoms) but she also knew that the Commodore had something else up his sleeve. By now Tomoe had cooled down but not enough to be sociable. Rudeness, and a condescending attitude to anyone below the rank of Commander, was all that Tomoe felt like, and as one Ensign tried to take a cup of coffee from the Table, Tomoe simply shoved him out of her way, as she took the cup of hot coffee from the table, and another Lieutenant who just happened to stand in front of the corner chair she wanted at the back of the War Room, and sat in sullen silence as she drank her coffee in two large gulps.


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