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2 problems to keep an eye on

Posted on Sun Mar 15th, 2020 @ 2:17am by Commander Jordyn Hopkins & Lieutenant Tobias Hobbs
Edited on on Sun Mar 15th, 2020 @ 2:18am

Mission: What Just Happened
Location: Various
Timeline: May 17th 2364 - 1900 HRS

"I have missed you." Jordyn called out, as she pushed Tobias against the wall. She started to kiss him on his kneck, and allowed her hands to rampage all over his chiseled body.

Tobias growled as he returned her kisses and feral passion. His hands running over her body. “I missed you as well!” His eyes glittered with wanting.

Her hands frisked his rock hard abs, as she continued to kiss him passionately this time on the lips. She was eager, for him to become more aggressive, and take advantage of her today. "Take me." She demanded.

Tobias grinned his eyes filled with lust. He pulled her to him and kissed her, then wiped everything off the desk and laid her down, pulling her pants down. Tobias was a man of few words, he could see the list in her eyes. Taking his cock out he stroked the hardened member a couple times and then entered her in one strong thrust.

After being ravaged for what appeared to be a long time, both of them were breathing hard, and sweating. "Incredible." Jordyn called out, as she started to get dressed. They had been hiding in a small science lab closet, with the lab closed. She loved sneaking around with him, even though they did not need too. There was a thrill about it, and she loved it.

Tobias started getting dressed as well. “You are one hell of a woman.” He growled. He pulled his shirt on over his head thinking she was fucking incredible.

"Don't you forget it either." Jordyn said, as she leaned in to kiss him again, smelling his sweet and cologne clash against each other. Giving off a scented musk. "We could use a shower." She called out with a twisted grin.

“Agreed,” Tobias grinned back. “Your place or mine?” He looked over at her and waited. She called the shots in this relationship since day one and he had no problem with that.

"Mine, my bed is softer." Jordyn suggested, as she left the closet with him, and walked into the lab. Straightening her uniform up a little.

Tobias ran a hand through his hair as they walked, ignoring those around him. He was more interested in taking that shower with her.

It did not take them long to get to her place. She looked at him, then bounced on him, grabbing into him tightly. She loved the fact, he could hold her up. She started to kiss him passionately. She was ready to ravage him, liked he did to her. She was no slouch in bed.

Tobias held onto her, meeting her kiss. He loved how forceful and demanding she was. He was ready for more, they both seemed insatiable.

Jordyn threw off her clothes as fast as she could, she ready to go again. She wasted little effort, getting on him. "My turn." She called out with a twisted grin. As she started to ravage him. After another small eternity. She collapse on him. "We need to do this more often."

Tobias brought his arm up around her and smiled, something he rarely did. “I couldn’t agree more.” He had never met a woman who liked sex like she did and was confident in what she wanted.

"I don't trust Tomoe. Keep an eye on her." Jordyn said, as she looked to Tobias. "Almost as much as I don't trust Juilet." She said, wanting him to understand how important this distrust was to her.

“I will,” Tobias replied seriously. He knew for Jordyn to mention it there was good reason for the orders. “Any clues as to what Juliet is up to yet?” He has been off on that fools mission for supplies.

"Non and that makes me very concerned, but I am keeping a close eye on her. So far, she is behaving herself." Jordyn pointed out to Tobias.

“She is sneaky,” Tobias commented. “All her threats when she first came on and demands. She isn’t to be trusted.”

"Neither of them are to be trusted. I believe Tomoe is to ambitious, and Juliet is to covert for her own good." Jordyn said. They both rubbed her the wrong way. At least the alien girl, she trusted, despite her being an alien and screwing up recently.

“I didn’t like Tomoe the moment I saw her,” Tobias growled. “She wants your place and I believe Russ’ as well.”

"All Terrans do." Jordyn started off. "Some dont want to respect honor and loyalty. Some allow personal greed to cloud their judgement."

“She will die if she tries taking you out,” Tobias growled. “I am loyal.”

"I appreciate that." Jordyn said, as leaned in for a kiss. "Loyalty to the Empire separates us from the filthy aliens. They will never fully grasp, what it means to be a true Terran." Jordyn said in a boisterous tone.

“You are right,” Tobias nodded. “They are a traitorous lot who would better serve the universe dead.”

"I would not mind watching them being tortured in agonizing booth, begging for death, and allowing them to die slowly and painfully. A quick death is to good for them." Jordyn pointed out to Tobias.

Tobias grinned. “I want to be there. The thought of them being in unending agony one day satisfies me.” He grinned then.

"I will keep that in mind." Jordyn suggested, with a twisted grin on her face. "First, I need them to dig their whole, where there is no escape." Jordyn pointed out to Tobias.

“That is an excellent plan,” Tobias nodded. “We both know they will and once it happens the Commodore will be done as well.”

"He is a loyal subject to the Empire, and not a threat. Might be a little soft on a few policies, but he is no threat." Jordyn pointed out to Tobias.

“Agreed,” Tobias replied. “I am honored to serve under you and him. My loyalty is to the Empire and you two.”

"Loyalty is rewarded, you will be rewarded in time. Never forget that Tobias." Jordyn pointed out to him. She wanted to make sure, his need for power desires, where also met.

Tobias nodded. “I will not. It is why I am honored to be here. I know the strong character of command.”

"Glad to hear it, hate to kill ya." Jordyn said, as she reached out to kiss those precious lips of his.

“I would hate it more,” Tobias lips met hers. He was glad they finally had time together.

Jordyn starts to kiss him again, as the scene fades away.


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