Can I help you?

Posted on Wed Mar 25th, 2020 @ 12:43pm by Lieutenant JG Zahra Brooks & Lieutenant JG Gemini Blackman

Mission: What Just Happened
Location: Mess Hall

Zahra walked into the lunch area and headed over for a cup of coffee. She was good at staying away from most everyone, doing her job and avoiding all the drama that seemed to be going around.

She almost sighed and rolled her eyes. There was one seat available but the table was occupied. She didn’t want to go back to medical so she walked over and sat down, giving a quick nod towards the man sitting there. She had seen him briefly before. His name was it was Gemini. Maybe if she didn’t speak to him he would take the hint.

"Can I help you?" Gemini asked. She looked like she was lost, and he really had no idea, who she was. She was a cute little thing. But for the moment, he kept his hormones in check.

“I needed a place to sit,” Zahra replied. “This was the last seat available.” He was handsome but she was here to eat. “I have seen you around.”

"Have a seat, and have you now." Gemini said, as his eyes started to check her out. That outfit was very becoming of her. Very appealing to his eyes.

“One would have to be blind to miss you,” Zahra returned. “You like what you are looking at, Gemini?”

"You are very appealing on the eyes, there is no shame or concern in admitting that." Gemini said, to her, as he continued to check her out.

Zahra smiled. “I have no shame. I am confident with who I am and I take care of myself. It is obvious that you do the same.”

"Your new here to the station. I would remember a beautiful face like yours." Gemini said, wanting to know a little more about her.

“I have been here a few days,” Zahra replies. “I work in medical as one of the doctors.”

"So you are new, a doctor huh. So you have soft delicate hands, and good with using tools in your hands I see." Gemini said, trying to be smooth, and say she liked and wanted sex too.

“I am very good with tools,” Zahra murmured with a slight smile. “And I know how to use my hands to relieve pain and bring immense pleasure.”

"Are you offering your services, my personal replicator has been acting out." Gemini said, knowing that was total nonsense. The device was working properly. But he was curious to see what she would say.

Zahra looked at him and tilted her head to the side, a smile crossing her face. “And what is it you would like replicated? I am good at many things.”

"I can handle the order process, just need someone to fix it's issue. The replicator, is not wanting to put out any services at the moment." Gemini suggested, with a big grin on his face.

“What services are they?” Zahra had a gleam in her eyes. “I can tell you that there is nothing like the real thing, handsome.”

"A little forward of you, I like it." Gemini said, with a big grin on his face. As finished his plate of food.

“I don’t do coy games much,” Zahra murmured. “I like things uncomplicated, hard and totally satisfying.”

"Where is the fun in that?" Gemini asked her, with a seductive tone. His demeanor was more calm, and flirtatious.

“There are many definitions of fun,” Zahra purred at him. “You look like you are experienced at many ways yourself.”

"I have dabbled in different levels. Are you interested in learning them?" Gemini asked, as his question crossed the flirting line, and was now bordering on inappropriate. It all depended on how she responded.

“I am always interested in trying new things,” Zahra said with a smile. She took a drink as the scene faded.